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Punters Returning To Macau Casinos But Income Is Still Low

screenshot of Being one of the global gambling centers, Macau met the coronavirus lockdown with a drastic decrease in revenues. As the land-based casinos were closed for a couple of months, the reopening procedure showed a low reviving pace. The return to traditional Individual Visiting Scheme (IVS) functioning has to increase the number of visitors to Macau, but the financial forecast for the upcoming months is still gloomy. The latest gambling news by Login Casino has already informed about the negative trends in the Macau gaming sector. Even after the partial renewal of IVS, which gives mainland Chinese punters permission to visit the "Asian Las Vegas," the city doesn't report positive financial balances. Thus, even more than 200% of visitors' growth since July didn't prevent the 88% worse financial result compared to the same period last year. The region rulers hope for the effect of IVS full return, but the forecasts are still pessimistic. The Individual Visiting Scheme normal functioning usually gives about half of the visitors and approximately the same revenue level to the Macau gambling sector. However, the lockdown, caused by the dangerous disease, surely hit the punters' pockets, who would spend less money in casino venues. Europe doesn't show positive changes The European experience doesn't bring any positive thoughts to the issue. Thus, Great Britain and Denmark are implementing a curfew, leading to a drastic income decrease of gambling venues, as most of the casinos earn after 10 PM. Even a Swedish example isn't convincing, where the lockdown absence hasn't prevented revenue decreases in the gambling sector. If a new COVID-19 wave comes to China and Macau with a new force, the "Asian Las Vegas" can significantly suffer. Read more: Can Malaysia online casinos take advantage of Chinese lockdown? Read more: How is the Singapore casino online sector developing now?
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